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Dyes for Leather

Sandalcid (Dyes) is a major range of dyes used mainly for dyeing of leather. These dyes have been produced specialy for our industry which is mainly producing the leather articles for different purposes both for domestic & international market. This range comprises all the major & special shades

Name of Products C.I. NUMBER
Sandalcid Beige A24 Acid Brown 274
Sandalcid Yellow A2F Not Disclosed.
Sandalcid Brown A5G Not Disclosed.
Sandalcid Brown ARM Not Disclosed
Sandalcid Brown AGP Acid Brown 245
Sandalcid Brown A2G Acid Brown 274
Sandalcid Brown A2GN Acid Brown 274
Sandalcid Brown A90 Not Disclosed.
Sandalcid Brown A88 Mixture
Sandalcid Brown A89 Not Disclosed.
Sandalcid Brown A10G Not Disclosed.
Sandalcid Orange AS Direct Orange 26
Sandalcid Scarlet A4BS Direct Scarlet 23
Sandalcid Pink AB Not Disclosed.
Sandalcid Violet A67 Direct Violet 51
Sandalcid Blue A22 Direct Blue 71
Sandalcid Black ATR Acid Black 1
Sandalcid Black ATR (New) Acid Black 1
Sandalcid Black AW Acid Black 210
Sandalcid Black ANS Acid Black 234
Sandalcid Black ANT Acid Black 210

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