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Pigment Powders for Paints & Inks

Pigment Powder for Coating industries / Ink is new in our country. Pigment Powders / Ink manufacturing had been relying upon the international standards due to non existence of like wise industry in Pakistan. Traditionally, the local pigment powders would require delivering the same high level of product quality and consistency as these international brands. A challenge gladly accepted by Sandal Group with the establishment of Sandal Dyestuff Industries in 1995. Today SDI is the largest dyestuff manufacturer of its kind in the country producing a wide range of products at par in quality with the best in the world.

Presently we are involved in the manufacturing the most acceptable and the running products of our SANDALRAY Pigments being used in house production of pigment emulsions as well as being exported to different parts of the world. Recently Sandal Dyestuff Industries Ltd. is going to extend its production for this range along with other ranges to meet the expanding demands of our Sandalray Pigment Powders in domestic and International market not only quantitatively but also qualitatively.

Name of Products C.I. NUMBER
SandalRay Yellow HG Pigment Yellow 1
SandalRay Yellow H10G Pigment Yellow 3
SandalRay Yellow H3A Pigment Yellow 12
SandalRay Yellow HGR Pigment Yellow 13
SandalRay Yellow HGR special Pigment Yellow 13
SandalRay Yellow HGG Pigment Yellow 14
SandalRay Yellow H3G Pigment Yellow 17
SandalRay Yellow H3R Pigment Yellow 83
SandalRay Orange HG Pigment Orange 13
SandalRay Orange HR Pigment Orange 34
SandalRay Red HRN Pigment Red 3
SandalRay Red HRNC Pigment Red 3
SandalRay Red H4R Pigment Red 8
SandalRay Red HR Pigment Red 21
SandalRay Red H6B Pigment Red 31
SandalRay Rose H3855 Pigment Red 112
SandalRay Carmine HBB Pigment Red 146
SandalRay Red HF5RK Pigment Red 170
SandalRay Red H2R Pigment Red 184
SandalRay Red HF5R Pigment Red 210
SandalRay Carmine H5B Pigment Red 238
SandalRay Pink HB Pigment Red 245
SandalRay Violet HRL Pigment Violet 23
SandalRay Alpha Blue HR Pigment Blue 15
SandalRay Alpha Blue HR(Glvo) Pigment Blue 15:1
SandalRay Blue H2G Pigment Blue 15:2
SandalRay Beta Blue H3G Pigment Blue 15:3
SandalRay Green H4BL Pigment Green 7
SandalRay Carbon Black HN326 Pigment Black 7
SandalRay Carbon Black H430 Pigment Black 7

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