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Reactive Dyes For Dyeing Cellulosic Fibers

SandalFix Dyes are vinyl sulphon reactive dyes.

SandalFix-C Dyes are bifunctional reactive dyes of type MCT/VS, primarliy used for exhaust dying

Name Of the products C.I. NUMBER
Sandalfix Lemon Yellow C4GL 150% Reactive Yellow 160
Sandalfix Lemon Yellow VRL 150% Reactive Yellow 15
Sandalfix Golden Yellow CRL 150% Reactive Yellow 145A
Sandalfix Orange C2RL Reactive Orange 122
Sandalfix Orange CRS Not Disclosed.
Sandalfix Red C4BL 150% Reactive Red 195A
Sandalfix Brilliant Blue CR Reactive Blue 19
Sandalfix Brilliant Blue CRF 75% Not Disclosed.
Sandalfix Blue C4RL Reactive Blue 108
Sandalfix Navy Blue CF Reactive Blue 222
Sandalfix Navy Blue CFN Reactive Blue 222
Sandalfix Turq. Blue GWF Reactive Blue 21
Sandalfix Turq. Blue GWF 165% Reactive Blue 21
Sandalfix Black B 150% Reactive Black 5
Sandalfix Black BR 150% Reactive Black 5
Sandalfix Black CKF Mixture
Sandalfix Black CNN
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